I went on the internet and found this – Week 4 – Dr. NakaMats

This week on “I went on the internet and found this” I found this trailer for the documentary film “The Invention of Dr. NakaMats”.

Dr. NakaMats is very well known in Japan. With more than 3300 patents he is the world record holder of patents. He is about to celebrate his 80 year birthday, but feels younger than ever with an enormous energy. In fact he is certain that he will become 144 years old. But how will Dr. NakaMats accomplish this? The film follows this extraordinary japanese celebrity on his mission to elongate life. All the while he is creating new inventions.

Dr. NakaMats is an avid collector of cameras. He has an interesting way to determine if a camera is good or not. “One of my hobbies is collecting cameras. Normal people will check lens or mechanism. But, I have a special method. I smell. Smell camera. Good smell is good camera. Bad smell or no smell, that is bad camera.”

Will you be using Dr. NakaMats way in choosing your next camera?

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