I went on the internet and found this – Week 2 – Gigapixel panoramas

This week on “I went on the internet and found this” I found this 70 gigapixel panorama of Budapest which you can zoom in and out, even all the way into those windows on the horizon. To date this is the largest photo in world.

There are some other gigapixel panoramas that have been created over the last couple of years. There is a 45 gigapixel panorama of Dubai, a 26 gigapixel panorama of Paris, a 18 gigapixel panorama of Prague and a 1474 megapixel (1.474 gigapixel) panorama of President Obama’s Inaugural Addressjust to name a few.

Interested in making a panorama of your own? You could go for the Gigapan system to make those huge gigapixel panoramas, which is available for a variety of different sized cameras, from a “point and shoot”, to a large DSRL. The system comes supplied with a parorama stitching software.

Other software solutions are e.g CleVR, Hugin, Dermandar. For more information on how to create panoramas go here, here and here.

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