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Some of you may know Chase Jarvis. Chase is a professional photographer/videographer and one of biggest names in business today, and one of my favorite too. Chase is big fan of sharing information with everyone, giving it back to the community. His blog is always filled with inspiring stuff. But now I think Chase has really outdone himself. Yesterday he and his friend Craig Swanson announced a new website – – The world’s first LIVE creative education internet channel and it’s FREE! Yes, that is no joke. All of the live feeds from some of the world’s best creative minds are free to watch. The classes range from photography, design, painting, fine art to programming. There’s something for everyone.

On the photography side of things, we excited to announce in quarter one featuring Vincent LaForet, David DuChemin, Zack Arias, Scott Bourne, Art Wolfe, and many others. Wanna learn how to have vision in photography? We’ve got the instructor. HD Dslr Cinema, we’ve got it. Lighting? We’ve got it. Software? We’ve got that too. And if we don’t have it? Tell us and if there’s demand, we’ll create it for you. I’m not an instructor, but it’s been a huge goal for the past year to connect the community with many of my friends who ARE instructors and ARE amazing at what they do. The goal here is to help democratize creativity.

More info at Chase Jarvis blog and Just a quick announcement of my own. I will be posting photos from the ongoing volcanic eruption on Fimmvörðuháls soon. Stay tuned! ——————————- Blogpost by Rúrik Karl Björnsson. is a blog by Rúrik Karl Björnsson, Björn Rúriksson and Birkir Örn Björnsson. “Like” our page on facebook and have a chance to win a signed fine art print of your choice from our collection.

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