About Bjorn

Björn Rúriksson

Born on 11. November 1950 in Reykjavík, Iceland. Father of two boys, Rúrik and Birkir. Björn uses Nikon and Hasselblad camera systems for his photography.


  • 1987: Commercial pilot with Instrument Flight rating.
  • 1979 – 1982: Geology. University of Iceland.
  • 1975 – 1980: Macroeconomics and Business Administration. University of Iceland.


Publishing, Media and Travel:

  • 1989 – : Geoscan Publishing Inc.
    Owner and director of a business venture based on own written and decorated books on Icelandic Nature. The books have generally been published in 5-7 language editions.
  • 1987 – 1995: Geoscan Flight Operations
    Operator and owner of an aerial research company, operating a specially equipped twin engine aircraft for aerial- and geophysical research, photo- and cinematography.
  • 1973 – 1998: Sub-Arctic and high-Arctic exploration
    Planning, logistics, administration and guidance of academic and educational programs in Iceland for US and European Universities with 1,400 participants total in dozens of programs. Location management planning for research work and filming in Iceland and Greenland (for NBC/WNET and BBC). Commercial IFR Pilot with 1.300 hours flown in Iceland, UK, Germany and the US.
  • 1973 – Now: Photography travels elsewhere – Europe, North & South America and Asia


Lecturing / writing / publishing work:

Author and Co-Author of various educational books, films and TV-Programs (Geology-Geography-Ecology).
Lectures on Icelandic nature photography. Guest lecturer at 60 Universities, Institutions and Clubs in England, Germany, Switzerland and 40 States of the US, incl.;

Harvard Law School, The Royal Geographical Society in London, University of Mannheim, Ohio State University, University of Alabama, University of Virginia, University of Colorado, The Explorers Club in New York, Denver Museum of Natural History, Denver University, Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, U.S. Geological Survey, Franklin Institute.

Newspaper and magazine articles in Iceland and abroad on Economics, Nature Conservation and Travel (incl., The Geographic Magazine and Geo). Publisher of Geology slide sets on Iceland, sold to school authorities in several European countries (incl. Denmark, Austria and Germany) for universal school distribution. Author and creator of books on Iceland, including; “Iceland from above”, a journey through the grand features of Iceland’s geology, and “The Beauty of Iceland”, describing Iceland’s Natural wonders and the Westman Islands, a picturesque essay of man and his natural environment.


Consultancy, project orientation and participation in several projects involving prime quality (scientific) photographic material and its use:

Smithsonian Institution, American Museum of Natural History, National Air and Space Administration (NASA), TIME-LIFE, THE TIMES-BOOKS in the US and UK; GEO in New York and Hamburg, Germany; The Times-Books in Singapore; Hasselblad, Skånska and Esselte in Sweden; Gyldendal in Denmark; BBC in London.


Landscape and Art Photography. One-man’s exhibitions, incl:

  • 2002: Swarovsky’s Crystal World Museum, Wattens, Austria. Attendance in excess of 500.000 guests
  • 1988: Shouni Museum in Tokyo
  • 1987: Scandinavian Airlines Headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden
  • 1985: Lincoln Center in New York
  • 1985: American Scandinavian Foundation in New York
  • 1983: Sicof in Milan, Italy
  • 1982: Woodside/Braseth Gallery, Seattle
  • 1982: Meridian House in Washington DC
  • 1981: The Reykjavik Municipal Art Gallery – Kjarvalsstaðir
  • 1981: Newark Art Museum in New Jersey
  • 1980: Nikon House, Rockefeller Center in New York


Artwork in posession of Art Collections, Galleries incl.;

Chase Manhattan Bank Art Collection, Citicorp, Hewlett Packard, The Braseth Collection Seattle, American Embassy Luxembourg, McGraw Museum Ohio, Harvard University Boston, Bank of Iceland, The National Bank of Iceland, The Central Bank of Iceland, American Scandinavian Foundation, Newark Museum, The Sicof Gallery Milan Italy. Swarovsky Austria.


Call Björn Rúriksson at: +354 8600104 or contact by email @ bjorn[at]ruriksson.com

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